Drydocking Services

Drydocking Services - Large Vessels.

Diversified has the capability of dry docking most inland waterway vessels and many ocean vessels. 

This drydock has the following capacities: 

750 ton drydock (110' x 62' interior). 

Please contact us concerning pricing and scheduling.



Jan 2009.  Drydocking the tug "Les Easom" for Sause Brothers.

Jan 2009.   tug "Les Easom" owned by Sause Brothers - regasketed and sealed keel coolers.

Jan 2009.  Drydocking the tug "Les Easom" for Sause Brothers- replaced rudders and bearings.

March 2008.  Drydocking the tug "Chinook" for Sause Brothers.

Preparing to launch the Siberian Sea, a commercial fishing vessel, after Coast Guard inspection and repairs.

Drydocking Services - Small Vessels.

Diversified offers the services of our 200 ton drydock. 

This drydock will accommodate a vessel up to 30 feet wide and 85 feet long.


Replacing bow section on Triumph V for Anchorage Launch Service.


Custom Marine work.

While your vessel is on drydock Diversified can provide any of their regular repair services in addition to:


Sandblasting and Painting

Installation of Kort Nozzles & Wheels

Wheel inspection, repair & replacement

Piping & Electrical

Inspection & Survey



Drydocking the Amy Brusco for Brusco Tug & Barge.



Diversified offers it drydock services to yacht and pleasure boat owners as well:


Surveys & Inspections


Repairs & Coatings


Propeller Installation & Alignment


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