Our facility is located adjacent to Interstate 5 on the North Portland Channel of the Columbia River.

Dockside repairs and retrofit for vessels up to 100 feet wide and 300 feet long are completed shoreside at this facility.  Larger vessels are accommodated at our new annex facility. Additionally, repairs are made at our customer's facility or shipside.
















 Aerial photo of DMI annex facility taken by Al Lindner



The following aerial photos of DMI facility (taken by Al Lindner ) show our ideal location near Interstate 5 and on the quiet, waveless North Portland Harbor channel of the Columbia River.



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Our shop building and adjacent paved areas enable us to complete large fabrication projects.  Our shoreside work is completed alongside the shop where we have heavy equipment and large power sources to complete the work efficiently. 





DMI shop with 100 ton Lima crane in foreground 
and tug construction project shoreside.




The 100 ton drydock (60' x 30') will lift most of our customers smaller work vessels and pleasure craft.







Customer's tug in 150 ton drydock.




The 700 long ton drydock (101' x 62') is used for larger commercial vessels as well as for assembly and launching of our new build projects.







 Aerial photo of DMI facility taken by Al Lindner








Dec 2011.  Newly acquired 160' drydock.









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A rare quiet evening at our facility.  Photo taken by one of our neighbors, Margaret Johnson.  The photo is of the fishing vessel, Siberian Sea, just after coming off drydock and before starting its trip up the inland passage to Alaska.




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If our facility doesn't meet your needs, we'll come to you.