DB Freedom

Printable specification sheet for DB Freedom

Crane pick video - Shaver tug stern section Oct 10, 2011


DB Freedom

125 Ton Derrick Crane




Interior Shots taken 2012:
Operator's Cab (above) Machinery Enclosure (Above)
Draw Works (Above) Main Generator (Above)
Swing Gear (Above) Variable Frequency Drive Controls (Above)
Hull 26 - 103,000 lb lift

Pile driving on the Sellwood replacment project.  Jan 2012.

Oct 2011.  DB Freedom lifting new stern piece to drydock

Sept 2011.  DB Freedom lifting old ship sections for disposal. 
Sept 2011.  Lifting bow section to drydock.
Sept 2011.  Lifting 65 ton midbody section to drydock.
Refurbished and ready for service with an OSHA certification