Equipment Spec Sheets

Updated Nov 17, 2017

Watch here as we upload specification sheets for all of our equipment


Click on link for PDF format

specification sheet

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Tug "Cougar" specsheet Tug "Cougar" webpage  
Tug "Tiger" spec sheet Tug "Tiger" web page  
Tug "Mariner" spec sheet Tug "Mariner" web page  
Tug "Lorelei" spec sheet Tug "Lorelei" web page  
Landing Craft "Sandwick" spec sheet Landing Craft "Sandwick" web page

Video link-Sandwick at work

Sandwick as a drill rig platform


See addtl videos of Sandwick on our video page

Crane Barge "DB Freedom" spec sheet Crane Barge "DB Freedom" web page  Video link-Freedom at work

See addtl videos of DB Freedom on our video page

Crane Barge"DB Vulcan" spec sheet Crane Barge"DB Vulcan" web page  
Crane Barge "Lucy" specsheet    
Truckable Tug "Jeffrey G" specsheet Truckable Tug "Jeffrey G" webpage  
Barge DMI60 specsheet Barge DMI60 webpage Barge DMI60 video
Barge DMI50 specsheet Barge DMI50 webpage  
Tug "Crown Z" spec sheet     
Spud barge BRG22 spec sheet    
Tug "Lynx" spec sheet  Lynx webpage